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BMW to return to LeMans

Attention, Herr Frog! We return to your land of speed und cheese without ze mighty prototype but with two M3s und ze British touring-car dynamo known as Andy “Hammer” Priaulx! Faszination: Ze Porsche is easy Le Mans for little girl! No official announcement has been made, but French motorsport paperwork rarely lies: According to the [...]

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Audi A1 is Awesome.

The smallest Audi will officially go on sale in Europe with four drivetrains; two gasoline engines and two oil-burners putting power down through the front wheels via a seven-speed S-tronic transmission or six- and five-speed manual. The 1.2-liter or 1.4-liter TFSI either throws down 86 in wimpy form or 122 HP with a 0-to-62 MPH [...]

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OMG Hybrid Porsche?

Stuttgart plans to bring a hybrid 911 racing car to both Geneva and the Nurburgring 24-hour race. The press release includes the line “the focus is not on… winning the race.” What’s wrong with this picture? Like all 911s, the hybrid GT3 R sports a horizontally opposed six-cylinder mounted behind, and driving, the rear wheels. [...]

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Cowabunga! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s VW Bus

I’m not even going to try to come up with something for this… It’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle VW Bus…. It speaks for itself. Read More

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Diesel>Everything: 2011 VW Touareg Hybrid Is Less Efficient Than The Diesel

So the new 2011 VW Touareg Hybrid that the maker of people’s cars is so proud of? 28.68 MPG combined. The 2011 VW Touareg V6 TDI? 31.78 MPG combined. Honestly, is our country that stupid that the krauts think they can get away with this? Being fair to the hybrid, it can travel up to [...]

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38 Badass Porsche Posters

For the past fifty years, Porsche has been in the habit of producing or commissioning artful posters to commemorate its motorsport success. Most of these posters have been limited in production, offered only to dealers, racing teams, and valued customers. They are both iconic and delightfully timeless, the type of stuff that you find appealing [...]

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Chinese Jetta Facelift – Keeping the MkII FRESH

What we know as the second-generation VW Jetta has been in continuous production in China since 1991 and, because they also sell newer Volkswagens there, they’ve constantly upgraded it to match the corporate image. Now it’s just ridiculous. Despite molding a pair of headlights and a grille similar to the latest Jetta, the flat-sided old [...]

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