Saturday, January 29 · 11:00am – 5:00pm
JC Bermudez Park

3000 NW 87 Ave
Doral, FL
More info is on Facebook.
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DubJam and WinterJam 2011

Festival Overview

WinterJam is the USA’s Premier VW, Action Sports & Music Festival (and Fashion too). The Festival takes place at the City Island Festival Grounds on Saturday & Sunday, February 26th & 27th. The main event includes 3 VW shows (VW Bus, Vintage VW & Modern VW), professional skate/bmx halfpipe demos & contests, live original music, a fashion show & model, plus the legendary Ms WinnterJam model search contest, plus new parts vendors, used parts swap meet, food vendors, a kids zone, and much much more! The 2011 WinterJam Festival is the biggest & best event yet. Now in its 5th year its definitely an event that’s not to be missed..!

WinterJam is the USA’s Premier Volkstravaganza

WinterJam Festival

City Island & Riverfront Park Festival Grounds

Address: E. Magnolia Ave & Beach St, Daytona Beach

Dates: Saturday & Sunday, February 26th & 27th 2011

Time: 9am – 5pm

Admission: Ticket Fees & Purchasing Info

Show Features:

  • Volkswagen Shows + Live Music + Actions Sports + Fashion
  • Saturday – VW Bus Show + Modern VW/Audi Show + Ms WinterJam
  • Sunday – Vintage Volkswagen Show + Swap Meet + Fashion Show
  • Over 14 Live Regional Bands Playing both days
  • Skate & Bmx Demos & Contests on the Goat Ramp
  • Kids Zone, Food & Beverage Vendors & Alcohol onsite
  • All of VW, Sports,Music & Fashion at 1 Venue for 1 Price!

Ticket Package Options

  • 1 Day Pass (Saturday or Sunday)……$10 Advance & $15 Day of Show
  • 2 Day Pass (Saturday & Sunday)…….$20 Advance & $25 Day of Show
  • Super Pass (2 Day Pass + T-shirt)…..$25 Advance Tickets Only!
  • Enthusiast Pass (see inclusions)……..$50 Advance Tickets Only!
  • VIP All Access Pass (see inclusions)…$300 Advance Tickets Only!

Ticket Shipping Options

All Tickets purchased before February 13th 2011, will be mailed out by Monday, February 14th, 2011 & you should receive them no later then February 21st, 2011. If you purchase your tickets February 14th or later, you will have to pick them up at the event Will Call the day of the event.

  • USPS Parcel Post – NO CHARGE
  • USPS Priority 2 – 3 Day – $10
  • USPS Express Overnight – $15

For more info: http://www.daytonawinterjam.com/

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DubJam 2009

DubJam H2O: Indoor VW/Euro Auto Show & Expo

Daytona Beach, Florida USA

February 18th – 21st, 2010


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BMW to return to LeMans

Attention, Herr Frog! We return to your land of speed und cheese without ze mighty prototype but with two M3s und ze British touring-car dynamo known as Andy “Hammer” Priaulx! Faszination: Ze Porsche is easy Le Mans for little girl!

No official announcement has been made, but French motorsport paperwork rarely lies: According to the Automobile Club de l’Ouest’s 24 Hours of Le Mans entry list, BMW is registered for this year’s running of the French endurance classic. Two M3 GT2s, piloted by Jörg Muller and British touring-car champion Andy Priaulx, are set to compete. Both cars will receive factory backing.

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Audi A1 is Awesome.

The smallest Audi will officially go on sale in Europe with four drivetrains; two gasoline engines and two oil-burners putting power down through the front wheels via a seven-speed S-tronic transmission or six- and five-speed manual. The 1.2-liter or 1.4-liter TFSI either throws down 86 in wimpy form or 122 HP with a 0-to-62 MPH time of 9.1 seconds and EU test cycle 44 MPG. A larger 1.6-liter TDI stirs the pot a bit more with 185 lb-ft of torque, 105 HP and 60 MPG. If you really must, another version of the same TDI squeezes out 62 MPG.

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OMG Hybrid Porsche?

Stuttgart plans to bring a hybrid 911 racing car to both Geneva and the Nurburgring 24-hour race. The press release includes the line “the focus is not on… winning the race.” What’s wrong with this picture?

Like all 911s, the hybrid GT3 R sports a horizontally opposed six-cylinder mounted behind, and driving, the rear wheels. Unlike all 911s, however, it has electrically powered front wheels. Two electric motors live underneath the hybrid GT3′s nose; they are paired with a 40,000-rpm “electric flywheel power generator” mounted inside the cockpit. Surprisingly, there is no large battery pack (Porsche stated last year that current battery technology did not meet its “strict requirements”). The hybrid system can be used, at the driver’s discretion, to provide extra power or fuel efficiency on demand.

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Cowabunga! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s VW Bus

I’m not even going to try to come up with something for this…

It’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle VW Bus…. It speaks for itself.

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Diesel>Everything: 2011 VW Touareg Hybrid Is Less Efficient Than The Diesel

So the new 2011 VW Touareg Hybrid that the maker of people’s cars is so proud of? 28.68 MPG combined. The 2011 VW Touareg V6 TDI? 31.78 MPG combined. Honestly, is our country that stupid that the krauts think they can get away with this?
Being fair to the hybrid, it can travel up to 31 MPH in all-electric mode, but there’s no indication of what it’s all-electric range will be. Also, in what VW is calling a “Quantum Leap!” the base Touareg is now 459 Lbs lighter than the model it replaces. We’ll go ahead and assume the battery pack in the Hybrid eliminates that advantage. Oh and all the engines now come with 8-speed autos designed, like all other 8-speed autos, to ensure that you’re always in the wrong gear and the transmission will need to kick down at least 3 gears to deliver meaningful acceleration. You vill salute progress, you vill!

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38 Badass Porsche Posters

For the past fifty years, Porsche has been in the habit of producing or commissioning artful posters to commemorate its motorsport success. Most of these posters have been limited in production, offered only to dealers, racing teams, and valued customers. They are both iconic and delightfully timeless, the type of stuff that you find appealing whether you dig Porsches or not. For the most part, however, they aren’t available to the general public. A few have been licensed for reproduction, and Porsche occasionally whips up a batch of the more common ones, but most exist only on dealer walls and in the garages or libraries of collectors.

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Friday nights means TOWERS

Friday is Towers night. Every week.

The show at the Tower Shoppes in Davie are one of the largest weekly car shows in the region!

Hundreds of cars representing hundreds of make/models come out every Friday starting at about 7:30. Customs, Classics, Hot Rods, Low Riders, Rice Rockets, Euros, EVERYTHING. Live music every Friday.

The Euro cars park in the NW corner of the show.

Bring the kids, 100% family friendly with vendors on site and security. No hooning or reckless driving tolerated.

For details visit our events page on our forum.

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